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Daily wrap-up 21 July 2023

Trying to get back into it. Or out of it all.

Watching THE SMILE closing down the opening night of Pitchfork Festival. Thom Yorke is wearing a chain wallet. Remember chain wallets? I had one. The boys asked what it was, earlier when ALVVAYS were on, and I said It’s a music festival in Chicago. They both said “I miss Chicago. Can we go back there now?” I prophesied for years that I would move to Chicago. But that’s never going to happen.

Everyone is in the middle of summer physical checkups. Dentist was today. A cavity was filled and another on the way.

I am typing this on my iPad Pro. Do occasionally wish I’d gone with the newer Macbook Pro 14 - but we all need something to which to aspire.

This weekend is going to be for finishing the shed project.