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I felt so bad for the kids this afternoon. They scooted home from school, then launched into playing in the leaves out front. Fox got out the walkie talkies. The frisbees were brought into play, and a game of school was suggested by SM. I would be the teacher. Both she and Fox were new students, Fox and Lawson both chose the name Sparkle. I taught them a lesson on how to hold and throw a frisbee, then it was time for recess. Everyone was throwing their frisbees in the side yard. After that SM decided to start turning a few cartwheels (aside: why is this a thing that so many girls do?) And in an instant the entire trajectory of the day changed, as Fox stepped back to the edge of the driveway to line up his next frisbee toss, and SM simultaneously spun a cartwheel, and kicked him in the side of the head on his ear. And then the blame started. I angrily told her “You watch out.” She told Fox that he needed to stay out of the way. Everyone was to blame, but the result was that Fox mounted one of his patented really long and whiny cry sessions inside, and SM wound up in her room pouting and refusing to apologize. It was a tough moment, and the day wasn’t the same after. Although the kids across the street plus Nora wound up coming over and we were able to get all of our leaves picked up. Which was VERY nice. But still, it is deflating and defeating and makes me sad when a good playtime gets derailed. And then I blame anything else bad that happens that day on the one little turn. The universe changed that moment.