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Daily wrap-up Feb 27

Watching Star Trek this evening, because that’s what the weekend needs to finish itself off. I had some issues getting my site to run its usual script to create this post - and now I’ve forgotten entirely what I was going to want to write about. Will have to settle for a quick synopsis of the day. I cleaned the filter grates and changed all the filters. 2 of them are a fancier new allergy reducing kind, but I had the wrong size for the 3rd and M got a cheap-o home depot one. Which is just fine. Really it is.

It has been war week in the world. Russia is invading Ukraine, and our gas prices are up fifty cents. How shallow that that is how I experience the event. That and the GOP trying to blame the president for it all. I sometimes think it would be better in life to go for broke on something like a battle - bettter to burn out than fade away. My friends Eric and Aaron took trips to Ukraine for church missions; wondering if they know anyone who’s caught up in the conflict.

Our family has many many many irons in the fire. We are investigating a move to several towns over - so that we can be closer to schools for the fall. All just in time so M can find a new job and not benefit from the shorter drive. But although the housing market is great for sellers, it’s crazy competitive for buyers and I’m worried that we’re going to get frozen out and wind up homeless.

My God when did my writing become so sterile. Like a drafty furnace.