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Daily wrap-up Nov 23

Reading Karl Ove this evening and live tweeting to this document. Listening to IPR Classical. Which keeps me connected to my home state, IOWA. Where the nitrates run freely in the well water drunk by the rurals.

FX and SM just played smashingly well together today. So much fun all through the day. Played kitty school and other assorted games. She was a blind dog, she was a horse in a field. Played also with the neighbor across the street.

You feel weird here when you say you aren’t in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving. Nobody should be in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving. By the way, what is the Christmas spirit? Is it wondering whether you purchased the right gift for that special someone?

Reading: Knausgaard Book 6. The way Karl Ove navigates his marriage relationship is … disconcerting. And his bank card pin is now 2536, which is a slight step up from what it was before, 0000. “I could write about the emotions of economics, instead of the mathematics of economics.” - You can feel the tide turning against Linda here: “Her romantic dreams were about ordinary life.” Sick burn - but yet it resonates.